Document (English): Honored Citizen Certificate

Source: Manhigut Yehudit - June 19, 2005

  • See also: Document (Hebrew): Honored Citizen Certificate Awarded to Pollard

  • Honored Citizen Certificate

    The believing Nation of Israel
    remembers her sons who boldly go out to lead the nation
    to fight against those who would
    expel Jews from their land and destroy their homes
    and who resist all orders which would directly or indirectly result in
    cooperating with the program of expulsion and destruction.

    This certificate is awarded on 2 Sivan (June 19, 2005) to

    Yehonatan Pollard ben Malka

    in recognition of his actions as follows:

    His Activities on Behalf of the Nation in Israel.

    This certificate is worthy of display in a place of honor so that we and generations to come might remember that the Land of Israel remained strong and whole even though she fell into the hands of an administration determined to destroy her.

    Until our nation merits a leadership faithful to the Nation and to its divine mission, we will not forget the actions of our honored citizens - the sterling basis upon which the Jewish nation was founded.

    Restoring the World under the Kingship of Heaven
    Manhigut Yehudit

    Signed: Moshe Feiglin, Chairman

    Michael Foas

    , Chief of Staff