Pollard Did Not Get Money; J4JP Rejects Haaretz Claim

J4JP Release - May 22, 2005

In the article "Israel Betrayed Pollard" (Ha'aretz 05/22/05) journalist Yossi Melman claims that the Government of Israel has funded the personal expenses of Jonathan Pollard. This is false.

Neither Jonathan Pollard, nor his wife Esther Pollard has ever received a cent from the Government of Israel. This fact was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, in response to a query by Yediot Achronot, because of a previous journalist's claim.

Below is the retraction published by Yediot, along with the statement by the Ministry of Defense.

J4JP also takes exception to Melman's claim that Jonathan Pollard has become the exclusive concern of the right wing. Support for Jonathan Pollard cuts across all party lines, all religious distinctions, all ethnic groups, and social distinctions. A recent poll by Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) regarding Pollard's petition to Israel's Supreme Court for PoZ status, bears this out. 85% of respondents voted that Israel should grant Pollard Prisoner of Zion status. Voters included every strata of Israeli society, including Arab listeners!

Here is the Yediot retraction including the statement by the Ministry of Defense:

Yediot Achronot: Defense Ministry Says Pollard Didn't Get Money

English Translation by J4JP - August 16, 2004

The following retraction was originally published by Yediot Achronot in Hebrew in Eton Tel Aviv and Eton Yerushalyim on July 16, 2004:

Pollard Loh Kibel (Pollard Didn't Get)

Yediot Achronot - July 16, 2004

At the conclusion of the article by Dan Nevo "Ha Sheim Sheli Pollard Hu Kimo Klalah" (Yediot Achronot 25/06/04) a section appears which is apparently supposed to provide background for the article. It reads: "It should be noted that in August of 2001, Israel provided a one-time grant of one million dollars to Jonathan Pollard, in addition the monthly support payments that he and his family receives."

This is an utter lie. Jonathan Pollard does not receive and has never received monthly support payments from the Government of Israel. Moreover he has never received a grant of one million dollars. Esther and Jonathan Pollard requested that I stress that the claims that they have received money are the result of calculated disinformation leaked to the media in order to undermine public support for Jonathan. -

signed Adi Ginzburg, Spokesperson for the Jonathan Pollard Activists Organization

(Yediot's) Response:

"Eton Yerushalyim" contacted the Ministry of Defense to verify this claim. The Ministry of Defense responded that "The State of Israel has never at any stage given a million dollars to Jonathan Pollard. Similarly, the claim that Jonathan Pollard or his family received or are receiving regular financial support from the State of Israel is not true."

The original Hebrew text of the above translation:

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