Sharon Forgets Jonathan Pollard, Again

Arutz7 News Item With J4JP Comments By Esther Pollard

Arutz7 News - April 12, 2005

( Activists who continue efforts towards the release of Jonathan Pollard were angered after realizing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once again chose to ignore the issue of Pollard's release in his meeting with US President George W. Bush. Sharon did not present the letter signed by 112 members of Knesset demanding Pollard's release.

While Sharon continues to boast a warm relationship with the White House, he appears unwilling to use that relationship towards actualizing Pollard's release, preferring to permit him to linger in a US federal prison.

Quoting Sharon's remarks, his fears of a "civil war" as he put it in an NBC News interview yesterday, Pollard activists point out this would have been the ideal action towards uniting the divide that exists in Israel today, an appropriate action that would enjoy widespread support among Israeli citizens of all walks of life. Army Radio says that the prime minister did raise the issue with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice

J4JP Adds Esther Pollard's Response:

"Prime Minister Sharon's actions call into question his sincerity. First of all, his stubborn refusal to bring two amazing, historically unprecedented appeals to President Bush's attention - a letter signed by all the Chief Rabbis of Israel, past and present, and a petition signed by 112 Members of Knesset - shows that he is not serious about securing Jonathan's release.

"Secondly, if Mr. Sharon had honest intentions, he would bring the matter up with President Bush, the only one who can free Jonathan. But Sharon is already on record in the Israeli press saying that he does not intend to bring Jonathan up with the President. His claim to have spoken with Condoleezza Rice is meaningless, and intended solely for Israeli domestic consumption.

"Jonathan and I can only hope that some honest soul will bring the two historic petitions by the Chief Rabbis and the Knesset, as well as the new IDF prayer for Jonathan, to Mr. Bush's personal attention, independent of Prime Minster Sharon. We are sure that if Mr. Bush knew that it is now the official policy of the Israel Defense Forces to pray for the safe and swift return home of my husband, his heart would be touched and he would do the right thing."