Mr. Sharon Don't Come Home Without Pollard!

Arutz Sheva - - April 10, 2005 / 1 Nisan 5765

( Activists are calling on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to bring convicted spy and Israeli citizen Jonathan Pollard back home upon his return from a Monday meeting with US President George W. Bush.

Pollard activists are calling on the prime minister to make Pollard's release from an American federal prison a priority during this upcoming visit, seeking to redirect the prime minister's agenda.

Sharon has placed the Pollard issue low on his agenda and has opted to ignore numerous opportunities to bring Pollard's life sentence for passing information to Israel to the attention of the Bush administration, despite his good relations with the second-term US leader.

Today at 4pm, a rally in support of Mr. Pollard will be held in Jerusalem's Kikar Paris. For additional information, one may contact 054-421-4037 (Adi). One may also sign the Hebrew online petition calling upon the prime minister not to forget pollard.