PM Sharon Don't Return Without Pollard!

Arutz7 News -(Jewish World) - April 8, 2005

The Prime Minister's Office has been flooded with faxes, phone calls and emails, demanding that Sharon not forget about Jonathan Pollard in his upcoming visit with U.S. President George Bush.

On Sunday, a large cell-like cage with Pollard activists inside will be stationed at Paris Square in Jerusalem, just down the street from the Prime Minister's official residence. They will be protesting Pollard's life sentence in a U.S. prison, which he has been serving since 1985, and Israel's lack of action to have him released. He was convicted of passing classified information to the United States' main Middle East ally, Israel. PM Sharon is scheduled to meet with President Bush on Monday in the latter's ranch in Crawford, Texas. A large pro-Israel and anti-disengagement rally will be held in Crawford that day, and demonstrators will "call on President Bush to live up his Biblical imperatives, as well as his policies on counter-terrorism, and to release Jonathan Pollard."

For more information on the Crawford rally, which is being organized by Women in Green, Pastor Jim Vineyard, the Freeman Center in nearby Houston, and many others, see "" (top and bottom of the page).

The Committee to Free Jonathan Pollard has released a statement, including a reminder that on Sharon's last trip to Washington, he did not present Bush with a letter signed by nearly the entire Knesset asking for Pollard's release. "Will the letter be 'forgotten' this time as well?" the statement asks.

A short ad has been played on Israel Radio since Tuesday, with the call, "This time, don't come back without Pollard." Activists are manning intersections in northern Tel Aviv today, holding signs with the same message and giving out bumper stickers.

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard organization notes that "the abandonment of Jonathan Pollard by the Government of Israel 20 years ago created the paradigm for abandonment in Israel, and ultimately set the stage for the abandonment of entire populations in Gush Katif and the Shomron. When the Government of Israel lied about Jonathan Pollard two decades ago, denied any connection to him, and handed over the documents needed to indict him, Israel became the first nation and only nation in the history of the modern world to actively assist in the prosecution of its own agent."

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