Breaking News: Protest Vigil Outside of President's Mansion

Tal Yamin Volfovitz - Maariv NRG - March 30, 2005

Translated from Hebrew by J4JP

Pollard activists are, at this moment, staging a protest vigil opposite the President's Mansion in Jerusalem, where an official Israeli State ceremony honoring the agents of "Dirty Business" is now taking place. The activists are carrying placards which read: "Israel loves dead heroes. Will you only help Pollard when he dies?" The activists say that today Israeli officials are beating their breats crying 'mea culpa' over the the agents they abandonned in "The Dirty Business" and this is exactly what they will do fifty years from now over the abandonment of Pollard.

J4JP Adds:

"The Dirty Business" otherwise known as "The Lavon Affair" of the 1950's, refers to an ugly episode in Israeli history when the Government of Israel completely abandoned a group of Israeli agents to their fate in an Egyptian prison after a failed operation in that country. The agents were Egyptian Jewish volunteers. All of them were tortured in Egyptian captivity; some died. The ones that survived were left in Egypt captivity to endure cruel punishment for 13 long years while the Government of Israel turned its back and disclaimed all responsibility. Sound familiar? These hapless souls were not rescued until after the Six Day War when Israel negotiated the release of its captured pilots, but not the Lavon Agents. However, to their great credit, the Israeli pilots refused to leave the Eygptian prison without the Lavon Affair victims, and they were finally rescued!
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