"Why Won't They Release Him?"

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef blasts the US and calls for the release of Jonathan Pollard

Avishai Ben Chaim - Maariv (NRG) - February 10, 2005

Translated by J4JP

The spiritual leader of the Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef blasted the United States and called for the release of Jonathan Pollard, in light of Israel's intention to free Palestinian prisoners.

Yesterday a special recording was broadcast on the religious radio station "Kol Chai" with the Rabbi's announcement, in which he said: "..this man Pollard, who is blameless, they arrested him and put him in prison in the United States. The United States prides itself as being so outstanding in doing kind deeds He acted in order to save lives in Israel. Everything he did, he did for the sake of Heaven. He does not deserve to be treated this way. He must be freed!"

Then Rabbi Yosef added angrily:

"They are asking us to free prisoners, who are evil, who are murderers. That is what they demand of us and they tell us it will advance peace. They are our ally, for what reason have they imprisoned him? Why won't they free him? What they are doing is not just. The government of the United States is perpetrating a grave injustice and must desist from it, and free him to a good life and to peace."

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