Text: Rabbis of Alon Shvut and Dimona Write to Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - January 16, 2005

J4JP Note:

The letters below are English translations of two letters of support that Jonathan Pollard received around Chanukah from the rabbis of Alon Shvut and Dimona. The first was sent to Jonathan by Rabbi Gidon Perl, chief rabbi of Alon Shvut. The second letter was sent by Rabbi Dodi of Dimona. Jonathan receives thousands of letters of support every month from Israel and from places as far away as Africa and Australia. He receives an enormous amount of mail from the Netherlands. Although he is not able to respond, he carefully reads every letter he receives and cherishes them all.

Letter from Rabbi Gidon Perl - Chanukah 5765

To the Dear Yehonatan Pollard, Beloved Prisoner of Zion.

To our dear brother Yehonatan Pollard, who is sitting behind bars in a foreign land, we are sending our blessings from Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion in the Judean area. We hope that you will be continue to be strong, and to know that your sacrifice is on behalf of all Am Yisrael.

Righteous people who have displayed tremendous dedication have a special holiness, and it is in their power to save Am Yisrael from terrible decrees, despite our sins. We see you as one of those righteous people, especially during these days of Chanukah when we remember the bravery of the Maccabees, the few against the many, the righteous against the wicked, who fought against the Greeks and against the Hellenists from within. In the end, with their bravery and faith, they rededicated the Beit Ha'mikdash (the Holy Temple) and threw out all the idols.

We see in you one of the heroes of the nation who symbolize bravery and courage physically but, more important, spiritually - one who fears G-d and sanctifies His Name - doing tremendous Kiddush HaShem.

We are ashamed that all the governments of Israel haven't done what they should to secure your release. There is no greater mitzvah than "pidyan shvuyim" - "releasing captives" and this is the Government's responsibility!

We continue to pray for your speedy release - and that G-d should continue to give you strength in your heroic struggle. We pray that you will be here with us in Israel, our Holy Land, very very soon, healthy and whole in body and soul!

Rabbi Gidon Perl
Chief Rabbi of Alon Shvut and Gush Etzion

Letter from Rabbi Ya'acov Dodi - Chanukah 5765

To a true lover of Am Yisrael, Mr. Jonathan Pollard:

The festivals have passed, and we have retained from them a special light and strength, but our joy and happiness is incomplete as long as you are there, disconnected from your People and far from us.

Just as Joseph languished in exile, and his brothers failed in recognizing him for many years and in acknowledging him as their leader, so too, with G-d's speedy help, may you be able to reunite here with us - and rejoice with us in the rebuilding of the Nation of Israel in its land.

May the Almighty cease your suffering and may all recognize and acknowledge the greatness of your "misirut nefesh" for Am Yisrael.

With hopes and prayers for your return to us, With love and admiration,

(signed) Rabbi Ya'akov Dodi
Yeshivat Dimona

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