J4JP Clarification of Shaykh Prof. Palazzi's Official Title

Justice4JP Release - January 16, 2004

Justice for Jonathan Pollard

received the following message from Shaykh Prof. Palazzi of Rome addressed to Adi Ginzburg, Spokesperson for the Jerusalem-based

Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home

. Responding to a J4JP Release which identified Shaykh Palazzi as the "Grand Mufti of Rome", Shaykh Palazzi requested a correction and a clarification of his title and position:

Dear Mr. Ginsburg,

I am an admirer of Jonathan Pollard, a man who both Israelis and Americans should consider a national hero and an outstanding example of commitment to religion and morality. During my past speaking tours in the United States, I hoped to have the opportunity to visit him in prison together with Rabbi Eliyahu, and regret that opportunity never materialized. Whenever I happen to visit the White House and to meet President Bush, I will surely ask him to consider the opportunity of liberating Jonathan Pollard. I was shocked by the decision of the official Prisoners of Zion Authority, and am sure that this reaction of mine is shared by the majority of the Jewish people.

However, I want to clarify I am not the "Grand Mufti of Rome", since that a similar position does not exist and never existed. A Grand Mufti is someone who is appointed by the State to be the leading Islamic legal authority for the State, and Italy never appointed a Grand Mufti. I am simply the Secretary General of the Italian Muslim Assembly and the Director of the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community.

In order to avoid being accused of attributing to myself titles which have no base in reality, I am kindly asking you to clarify this point in your newsletter.

All the best,

Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi
Director, Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community

Justice4JP apologizes to Shaykh Prof. Palazzi for the error. We are informing our readers by recirculating his message and have corrected the original J4JP release on the 4JP web site. The release has been retitled as: Shaykh Prof. Palazzi of Rome Protests Denial of PoZ Status to Pollard and all references to the erroneous title have been removed from the release. J4JP regrets the error and apologizes for any inconvenience or discomfort it may have caused.