Pollard: Israel Has Been Prepping Barghouti for Leadership

IsraelNationalNews - November 21, 2004

(IsraelNN.com) - Israel has been clandestinely holding meetings with convicted arch terrorist Marwan Barghouti, preparing him to assume the leadership mantle of the PA in place of Yasser Arafat, WorldNetDaily.com reports, quoting allegations made by Jonathan Pollard.

According to the "exclusive report", Pollard has prepared a speech which will be read at today's solidarity protest in Jerusalem marking the start of Pollard's 20th year in an American prison, serving a life sentence for spying on behalf of Israel.

According to the WorldNetDaily.com report, while Israel makes public statements that Barghouti will never be released, the contrary is true. Quoting Pollard, the report adds that a source "very close to the prime minister" has confirmed this to be true.

Pollard reportedly added that when reports of a trilateral prisoner release involving himself, Barghouti, and Azzam broke, Pollard's contacts began investigating further.

Pollard is quoted as explaining the future Barghouti release is being well orchestrated, with Israel creating an atmosphere of overwhelming PA support for Barghouti. That support could force Israel and the United States to comply, with the stipulation that the trilateral release be made to happen. Pollard explaining that his release would show a gain for Israel, without which Barghouti's release would be unsuccessful since he would be perceived as a traitor or collaborator who was set free after providing information.

Pollard is against such a deal, explaining he cannot permit his release to be contingent on the release of a terrorist convicted of the murder of Jews, calling the deal "morally degenerate".

Barghouti, head of the Fatah Tanzim, is serving five life sentences for his part in the murders of innocent persons in acts of terrorism.

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