Text: Esther Pollard's Letter to Jerusalem Post Protests Slander of Israeli Agent

Dear Editor,

RE: Chief Rabbi Metzger to meet with Jonathan Pollard - October 31, 2004

Slandering my husband, Jonathan Pollard, defames an Israeli agent in peril. Jonathan did not "sell military secrets to Israel", contrary to what was reported in the above article. One of the most basic facts about the Pollard case is that Jonathan was a bona fide Israeli agent who passed vital information to Israel. In 1998 the Government of Israel ended years of lies about Jonathan's status in response to a lawsuit in the High Court of Justice, and formally admitted that he was an Israeli agent. A copy of this formal admission is on the Justice for Jonathan Pollard web site at here.

Journalists at the Jerusalem Post would do well to understand that the life of an Israeli agent hangs in the balance and that responsible reporting requires a basic command of the facts. We have made all of the facts available on the Facts Page and on the Information Page.

By misreporting Jonathan Pollard "sold military secrets" to Israel, the Jerusalem Post is resurrecting the lies that Jonathan was a mercenary and a rogue agent -- lies that have been and continue to be very damaging to his case. It is imperative that you issue an apology and a correction, without delay.

In the past, when we have asked the Jerusalem Post to correct egregious errors about Jonathan which were made in print, we received only private apologies and the promise that there would be no repeat. Private apologies do not correct damage that has been done publicly, and clearly the mistakes continue to occur. Fairness demands an immediate correction of this error and an apology in writing on the Jerusalem Post web site, where the error was made.

Yours truly
Esther Pollard
(Mrs. Jonathan Pollard)
Justice for Jonathan Pollard