Pollard Calls on Basi Not to Be "Chief Liquidator" of Jews

Menahem Rahat - Maariv - September 28, 2004

In letter to Disengagement Authority chief, Pollard writes, "Come back to G-d and give up deadly mission. As a religious Jew, you can do no less".

Jonathan Pollard has written a letter addressed to head of the Disengagement Authority Yonatan Basi, harshly criticizing his active role in the expected pullout from Gaza and northern Samaria.

"Wake up Yonatan Basi! Your good Jewish soul is in danger", Pollard states in his letter. The convicted spy accuses Basi of accepting an "immoral appointment from Prime Minister Sharon, to be used as the chief liquidator of Gaza and Samaria who would be responsible for expelling Jewish families from their homes and destroying Jewish communities".

Pollard then turns to equate Basi with criminals and pedophiles he had met in prison, who always claim they are innocent and are able to give a logical explanation to their horrendous crimes.

"Even if you were a secular Jew who had no knowledge of the Torah, it would still be a terrible thing to do. But a religious Jew who would agree to carry out a mission of uprooting Jews from their homeland - that's an abomination and a blasphemy of God, and is unforgivable", the letter continues.

Pollard then turns to Basi and warns him he would be a curse for generations: "Come back to G-d and give up this deadly mission. As a religious Jew, you can do no less".

The letter ends with the following words, "My brother Yonatan, you made the wrong judgment. You tarnished yourself and your Judaism. But it is not too late to take it all back, to make things right. I beg of you, take the position assigned to you and toss it back to the prime minister".