J4JP Response to YNET Report re Kerry and Pollard

Justice4JP Release - September 24, 2004

Senator John Kerry's position regarding the fate of Jonathan Pollard as reported by Yediot Achronot's online site Ynet was misleading and out of context. Here is J4JP's response:

Regarding the report of Senator John Kerry's promise to review the sentence of Jonathan Pollard if he is elected president, this is a promise to do nothing. The empty promise "to review" the case was made only to a select group of Orthodox Jewish leaders, by Cameron Kerry, the senator's brother. Not by Kerry himself, as reported. The meaningless statement gives the orthodox leaders immunity with their own constituents, making it appear as if they have actually done something for Pollard. The same rhetoric has been used effectively by presidential candidates for the last 20 years. However the candidates are well aware that Jewish money and Jewish votes are never conditioned on Pollard's release, as they are on so many other less compelling issues, such as school vouchers. Jewish leaders have never held any American President accountable for failure to deliver on promises of justice for Jonathan Pollard, and the candidates know it.