Mr. Big Visits Israel; Gidon Ezra Gets Taken To Task

Arutz7 French Language Report - July 20, 2004 - [Translated by J4JP]

One of the stars of the famous American television series, "Sex and The City", Mr. Big, otherwise known as the actor Chris Noth, is travelling in Israel. While on a tour of Jerusalem, escorted by Minister of Tourism Gidon Ezra, the actor expressed a desire to be taken to visit the Western Wall (the Kotel). At the site Gidon Ezra was sharply taken to task by supporters of Jonathan Pollard. They reproached Ezra for wasting his time babysitting an American movie star, instead of using it to fight for the release of an American Jew who has spent the last 18 years in prison for his activities on behalf of Israel.

J4JP asks how did Minister Ezra respond? The answer is contained in an excerpt of the Arutz7 Hebrew Language Report [07/20/04]. Here it is [translated by J4JP]:

The Minister responded to the Pollard supporters that they are damaging Israel. When they refused to stop chanting they were removed from the scene by the Ministers' security detail.

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