J4JP and Associates Denounce Unlawful Actions

J4JP Media Release - June 3, 2004

Justice for Jonathan Pollard and Associates (Eli Joseph Activists and The Committee to bring Jonathan Pollard Home) reject, decry and denounce all unlawful actions, including acts of vandalism as a means of protesting the unjust incarceration of Jonathan Pollard.

J4JP and Associates distance themselves from yesterday's "decoration" of the Jerusalem model of the Statue of Liberty on Romema Street in Jerusalem. The statue was handcuffed; the plaque on it which names its location as "New York Square" was covered over with a sign saying "Pollard Square"; and the statue was plastered with hundreds of "Free Jonathan Pollard" stickers.

Justice4JP and Associates were not involved in this act of vandalism and denounce this action as a protest not worthy of the struggle to free Jonathan Pollard.

J4JP and Associates support all lawful actions as a legitimate means of protesting the continued incarceration of Jonathan Pollard. We strongly urge all supporters of justice for Jonathan Pollard to restrict their actions to lawful and dignified actions. Our work is to protest the unfair, unjust treatment of Jonathan Pollard, and as such is Kiddush HaShem (a sanctification of G-d's name) . We strive to ensure that our actions always reflect that, and ask all who support our cause to do the same.

In a related media release [June 2, 2004] The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home reiterated the above message in Hebrew. The Committee also expressed its thanks to the many thousands who participated in the Phone-In Rally for Jonathan Pollard which began on 1 June 2004 and continues throughout this week. The Committee urged those who have been trying to call the American Embassy in Tel Aviv but who did not get through, to just keep dialing, and as a backup to also fax and email. Successful callers suggest dialing " O" as soon as the line is answered.