MK Noked Withdraws Sponsorship From Pollard Bill

J4JP Release - May 7, 2004

MK Orit Noked, one of 3 co-sponsors of a new Pollard bill in Knesset has formally withdrawn her signature from the bill. In a principled letter to the Knesset Secretary (May 4, 2004) Noked explains that in withdrawing her support of the bill, she is honoring Jonathan Pollard's repeated requests to kill this piece of legislation, which he regards as counterproductive and singularly unhelpful to his case.

Jonathan Pollard applauds MK Noked for demonstrating integrity and strength of character in this matter. He urges the bill's other co-sponsors, MK Gilad Erdan and MK Mickey Eitan, to follow her lead and do the same. A copy of Noked's letter (translated from Hebrew by J4JP) follows below:

To Mr. Arieh Chaan
Secretary of the Knesset

May 4, 2004

Honorable Sir, Shalom rav,

RE: The proposed bill to advance activities for the release of Jonathan Pollard - P/2057

I request that my signature be erased from the aforementioned bill (see copy of the law attached) and my support be withdrawn from it.

This refers to the bill which was drafted by MK Mickey Eitan, the goal of which is to advance activities for the release of Jonathan Pollard.

As one who co-chairs, along with MK Gilad Erdan, the Knesset Lobby for Jonathan Pollard, I am interested in advancing his release. That notwithstanding, in accord with Jonathan's repeated requests to cancel the aforementioned bill, I have decided to honor his will and to remove my support from the bill in its present form.

I thank you for your assistance in removing my signature.

With blessing,

MK Orit Noked

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