Traitor Celebrated; Heroic Fighter Ignored

Guysen Israel News [French Language News Service] - April 21, 2004

[Translated by J4JP]

The (former) head of the Labour Party, Shimon Peres reckoned that, "the media has lost all sense of balance and proportion in their coverage of the release of Vanunu." "This man betrayed his people, violated a trust, converted to Christianity and is a low life," he added. (Guysen.Israel.News)

It is easy to conclude that the media are all there to cover someone who defames, curses or discredits Israel and its People. But none (of the media) even mentions Jonathan Pollard who is rotting in an American prison, and he is there because he defended his People. He can rightfully be considered heir to the heros of the Ghetto (World War II).

Perhaps we should be happy about the fact that everyone else still wants to have whatever we have. Today most young Israelis still have the same spirit as those of our People who so believed in life and gave their all so that we could continue to be Jews.

This is April 2004, and once again this news brief ends in honour of their memory.