YNET: Is Pollard the Key to Finding Bin Laden?

Ilan Marciano - YNET/Yediot - April 13, 2004

[Translated by J4JP]

Who can find Bin Laden? Oren Zarif. The Israeli psychic has sent a letter to the American Ambassador in Tel Aviv. He maintains that he has psychic abilities that will enable him to locate Bin Laden. Says he is "ready to leave for Afghanistan at once". What does he want from the Americans in return? The release of Jonathan Pollard.

Israeli psychic Oren Zarif has offered to assist the Americans in their search for the leader of Alquaeda, Osama Bin Laden.

Menachem Dar, the attorney who represents Zarif, recently sent a letter to the American Ambassador in Israel which offers the services of Oren in the search for the Alquaeda leader.

Zarif told YNET this morning: "Prior to the American attack on Afghanistan, I relayed accurate information on the location of Bin Laden to the Americans. [This information was not acted upon.] Indeed, it was verified that Bin Laden escaped from the location I pinpointed, two hours before the Americans blew it up."

"I do not err; I pinpoint exactly. I do not want money. I want to negotiate with the Americans: providing that I locate Bin Laden, as a quid pro quo they must free Jonathan Pollard. I am willing to foot all related expenses, and I am willing to post a one million dollar bond which I will forfeit if I err."

Zarif claims that with his special abilities he can locate people any where in the world. "I am outfitted with maps and ready to go to Afghanistan to find Bin Laden. I am certain - unequivocally certain - that I can do this."

Zarif, 29, enjoyed a lot of publicity as a youth because of his ability to perform telepathic feats, and the claim that he is blessed with psychic abilities.

Today, Zarif is a doctor; he practices alternative medicine.

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