Mendelovitch and Joseph Arrested Last Night; Another Pollard Demo Today

Justice4JP Release - April 13, 2004

Monday night, at the close of the Passover Holiday, hundreds of protesters took part in a spontaneous demonstration outside of the Country Club in Maale Adumim, where Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was speaking prior to departing for the US. The demonstration was not planned nor advertised, but came together by word of mouth after Sharon inflamed public sentiment when he indicated that he would not be bring up the issue of Jonathan Pollard during his upcoming meeting with President Bush. Protesters carried signs and chanted, "Arik, don't come home without Pollard."

Eli Josef, head of the Movement to Free Jonathan Pollard, and (Rabbi) Yosef Mendelovitch, a former prisoner of Zion, interrupted the Prime Minister's speech, waving signs and calling out to him, "Arik, don't come home without Pollard!" The two were arrested and taken in for interrogation. Bands of protesters followed the arrested leaders and protested outside of the police station in Maale Adumim. During the interrogation, police "accidentally" destroyed Mendelovitch's Prisoner of Zion documentation. Josef and Mendelovitch were released after several hours of questioning.

A massive public demonstration calling for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard will be held today at 5:00 PM, April 13, 2004 outside of the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. The public is urged to attend.

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