Sharon Says He Will Not Visit Pollard During US Visit

Tal Yamin-Wolvovitz - Ma'ariv - March 29, 2004

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Monday that he does not plan to visit Jonathan Pollard during his upcoming official trip to the United States. Sharon declared his intention during a meeting of the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, after being asked by MK Uri Ariel whether he was going to visit the convicted spy. Activists for the release of Pollard are planning to hold a demonstration on Tuesday under the slogan "Sharon, don't come back without Pollard!"

J4JP Adds:

Readers of the online Hebrew edition posted comments to the Ma'ariv's CLIPBOARD in response to the above news item. Some of those comments follow, in the order which they first appeared online.


  1. "That's all right, Mr. Sharon, soon you will be visiting your son in prison."
    (signed) Yemini (29/03/04 17:28)

  2. "Sharon! Don't come back without Pollard!"
    "Sharon you only [know how to bring] back thieves!"
    (signed) Iki (29/03/04 16:58)

  3. "Pollard's brother-in-law isn't a member of "The Family""
    (signed) Don Ariko Sharono (29/03/04 16:51)

  4. "Evil! Simply evil!"
    (signed) Gil Tov (29/03/04 16:29)

  5. "Sharon, you traitor! If it wasn't for Pollard you would not be Prime Minister! You owe him your life!"
    (signed) A Simple Citizen (29/03/04 16:26)

  6. "Pollard is not Tannenbaum. He wasn't a drug dealer, and his brother in law never worked on the Sycamore Farm (Sharon's), so why bother to visit Pollard? All he did was to spy on behalf of the State Israel, this friar."
    (signed) Eldan (29/03/04 16:25)

  7. "Too bad Pollard doesn't have a brother-in-law. He (Sharon) took care of Tannebaum's (brother-in law)."
    (signed) Yosi (29/03/04 16:21)

  8. "Enough! End the abandonment of Jonathan Pollard! He was a bona fide agent who acted on behalf of the State and in its service! It is forbidden to abandon him!"
    (signed) Noam (29/03/04 16:21)

  9. "Enough! [Stop] the abandonment!"
    (signed) Roei (29/03/04 15:59)

  10. "Sharon abandoned me!"
    (signed) We are all Jonathan Pollard (29/03/04 15:59)

  11. "What time is the demonstration? I'll be there!"
    (signed) Noa (29/03/04 15:57)

  12. "The one who abandoned Jonathan Pollard will also abandon me."
    (signed) Yehoshua (29/03/04 15:57)

  13. "Sharon is abandoning us all."
    (signed) Moshe (29/03/04 15:57)