Pollard Letter, Concert, and Charity

Arutz7 News - December 17, 2003

"In our darkest moments, when Esther and I become discouraged, worn out, disappointed, and so exhausted that we feel we just can't go on, we remind each other of our beautiful children who are fighting for us in Zion, and we are immediately comforted and cheered." Thus writes Jonathan Pollard to the "Youth For Pollard" movement in a pre-Chanukah letter. He makes the point that just as during the days of the Chanukah miracle over 2,000 years ago, the battle was won in the merit of a "small core of heroic Jews, united and willing to act on behalf of the Nation," so too today, "another heroic band of brave Jews has arisen to go forward to do battle on behalf of the Jewish People. That group of everyday heroes calls itself Noar L'man Pollard (the Pollard Youth Movement)." The full letter can be read at: here

A Solidarity Concert for Jonathan Pollard will be held in New York this Tuesday night at the Young Israel of the Upper West Side. Music will be provided by Pay Dalid, Honorable Mentchen, Teva, Ratzon and Gideon's Sword, while Esther Pollard, Rabbi Pesach Lerner and Shmuel Sackett of Manhigut Yehudit will address the audience. "Jonathan can't light candles," says the promotional literature, "but you can give him a little light by coming and supporting this effort."

Pressure is intensifying for the release of Pollard, who has just begun his 19th year in prison. Agudath Israel Executive Vice President Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, at the prestigious Agudath Israel Convention in late November, spoke on behalf of Pollard, noting the importance of redeeming captives and asking for prayers on behalf of Yehonatan ben Malka.

The Agudath Israel of Bayswater synagogue in Queens, NY, reports with delight that its members were happily shocked to receive a donation from Jonathan Pollard for their rebuilding effort - their second such effort in three years. The synagogue was partially destroyed two months ago by arsonists - only three weeks after it was built. "We wish that that in the merit of charity," noted the synagogue's treasurer Yitzchak Weiss, "Pollard should have a speedy and healthy redemption."