The Ultimate Irony: Pollard and Arad by Oleg

Originally published: Jerusalem Post, Nov. 28, 2003
Courtesy of Women In Green

Jonathan Pollard, from his prison cell, conceived the idea for this Oleg cartoon. His incarceration for over 18 years is not only a blight on Israel, which he sought to protect, but also on the people of the United States and US Jewry.

What American Jews fail to see is that the story of Dreyfus is being replayed. The anti-Semitism that existed in France at that time was what impelled Theodore Herzl to work for the creation of a Jewish State in Israel. Today, America and American Jewry, no less than Pollard, are in the dock.

Whatever spying Pollard did for Israel was done for an ally. Otherwise, Israel would have been destroyed. His punishment has been greater than that of any other American spy. Does that disclose that anti-Semitism is a larger factor in the Pollard affair? Is this not a replay of Dreyfus, only this time in the U.S.?