Jerusalem Police Chief Says No to Planned Pro-Pollard March

IsraelNationalNews.Com - November 11, 2003

Pollard activist Eli Joseph is turning to the Supreme Court against Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy, who is not issuing a permit for a pro-Pollard march scheduled for Sunday from the Western Wall to the Jerusalem Convention Center.

The march by activists acting on behalf of Jonathan Pollard -- decrying the "silence of the Jews" in the USA is aimed at the participants of the UJC General Assembly convening in the Jerusalem Convention Center. The march is to be followed by a protest against the GA members outside the convention center.

Levy announced he would not permit the march or the demonstration outside the convention center.

Justice4JP Adds:

Larry Dub, Jonathan Pollard's attorney, acting as counsel for Eli Joseph filed a petition in Supreme Court today, challenging the legality of Levy's decision to bar the pro Pollard activities. There is no legal basis for the ban. It is hoped that the police chief's decision will be overturned by the Supreme Court and that the November 16th rally, march and demonstration will proceed as scheduled. Updates will be posted to the web as they occur.

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