Update: Pollard Honored on Knesset Roll of Captives

J4JP Release - November 11, 2003

Jonathan Pollard was pleased to learn that his name was among those honored by Israel's Knesset yesterday during the second reading of an official list of MIAs and Captives who fell captive in the course of their service to the State of Israel. This corrected the unfortunate omission of Pollard's name from the official list in its first reading last week.

MK Ruchama Avraham, whose initiative prompted the Knesset to adopt a reading of the names of the captives at the opening session of each weekly plenum, read the list including Jonathan, and expressed the concern of the Knesset and its strong desire to see all captives speedily returned home.

Esther and Jonathan Pollard want to thank the many MKs, Pollard activists, and all of the supporters who wrote, faxed and called Speaker Ruby Rivlin and MK Ruchama Avraham last week to insist that Jonathan Pollard's name be restored to its proper place on the official list of captives.

Justice4JP is grateful to the Knesset for remembering Jonathan Pollard and for honoring his service to the State of Israel. In so doing, the Knesset has behaved with honor and has shown integrity.

J4JP urges the Knesset to take immediate steps to ensure that remembering the names in Knesset every week leads to purposeful action to secure the release of all of Israel's MIAs and captives without exception or delay.

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