More Comments On The Arutz-7 Radio Closure

Arutz 7 - Oct. 23, 2003

"This is a painful story," said Atty. Ilan Papo. "How is it that in the course of 15 years, the nationalist public, and especially its MKs, were unable to legislate some kind of law that would enable Arutz-7 to broadcast? After all, Arutz-7 is not just some fly-by-night pirate station - it represents an entire public sector in Israel, much larger than its tens or hundreds of thousands of listeners..." He also noted the essential lack of fairness in the court conviction, in that Abie Natan was allowed for many years to operate his left-wing Voice of Peace station from a ship anchored the same distance from the shore, or less, as Arutz-7's ship.

Esther and Jonathan Pollard wrote to Arutz-7,

"Silencing the voice of Arutz-7 is but one more attempt, on the part of those who fear Washington more than they fear G-d, to extinguish the light of our nation. We take solace - and hope you will too - in knowing that it is always darkest before the dawn. May Arutz-7 Radio enjoy a speedy redemption along with the Land and People of Israel and all of her captives and prisoners wherever they may be. May those who stand to face charges in connection with this affair be speedily absolved and completely freed of all blame or accusation. May the light of divine justice shine upon us all. G-d's salvation comes in the twinkling of an eye! Our thoughts and our prayers are with you."