Cabinet Secretary Maimon's Letter to Jonathan Pollard

J4JP Release - October 13, 2003

Jerusalem Israel

18 September, 2003

Re: Your letter dated August 7, 2003

Dear Jonathan:

I acknowledge receipt of your letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and take this opportunity to reply.

At the outset, allow me to wish you a happy 49th birthday, and I hope you will celebrate your 50th birthday here in Israel, with us.

I regret the fact that you feel that nothing has been done on your behalf. The opposite is true. The Prime Minister is constantly exploring ways and initiatives to bring about your sought-after release. At the same time, I can understand why you would feel this way after 18 years in prison, during which time all attempts to secure your release failed.

With regard to the petition signed by Knesset members: firstly, the Prime Minister added his signature to the petition without hesitation. Secondly, we were asked to return the petition to the Knesset members who initiated it. I assure you that we had no reservations about taking the petition and delivering it to the American administration.

I would furthermore like to emphasize that at meetings held during the Prime Minister's recent visit to Washington, he raised the issue of your release from prison.

During a meeting held recently with representatives of heads of Knesset factions, we discussed various possible avenues to procure your release. I wish to stress that by no means did the Prime Minister indicate that he would make no effort to secure your release. On the contrary, at the conclusion of the meeting, the Prime Minister instructed me to renew and co-ordinate the work of the inter-ministerial team which addressed your case in the past, in order to find effective ways to bring about your release. The Prime Minister also instructed that members of Knesset factions be included in the team's work.

In conclusion, on the occasion of Rosh Hashana, we send you and Esther wishes for a Shana Tova and good health. We pray that next year we can celebrate Rosh Hashana with you, here in Jerusalem.


Israel Maimon

c.c. Mr. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister

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