Someone to Admire

The Voice of Judea News and Commentary - October 3, 2003

Editorial Comment:

One thing that stands out at the recent demonstrations for Jonathan Pollard, is the large number of youth who turn out. Most of them were too young to even remember the Pollard spy episode almost 20 years ago, when Pollard was jailed by the US and abandoned by Israel.

Apparently, the youth in Israel today is thirsty for real heroes, and they finally found one in Jonathan Pollard. What other figures can the youth of Israel admire today? Who else can provide for them a living role model of selfless love for Am Israel and Eretz Yisrael? What other examples have they of Jews who possess real bitachon in Hashem, who do what they believe in, pay the consequences for it, and don't grovel to the goy in Washington?

We don't know if the Jewish youth can save Pollard, but we do know that Pollard may be saving the Jewish youth.