Pollard Rally And Concert A Dazzling Success!

Justice4JP Release - September 21, 2003

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Safra Square was packed to overflowing tonight as people jammed the huge arena outside Jerusalem's City Hall to participate in a massive solidarity rally for Jonathan Pollard.

The rally took the form of a first-rate, highly professional rock concert starring some of Israel's top rated musicians. Police and organizers repeatedly had to bring in additional staff and reinforcements to ensure the security of the overflow crowd, estimated at about 20,000! The crowd filled Safra Square and overflowed the surrounding area. The turnout was all the more amazing, since the rally, which was organized months ago, took place at the same time and on the same day as another urgent and compelling rally recently organized by our dear friends and supporters, The Women in Green.

Stellar performances dedicated to Jonathan were staged by outstanding musicians including:

Yehuda Katz and Reva Lesheva; Ariel Zilber; Aharon and Yonatan Razael; "Shalhevet" Band; The Madregot; Pirchei Efrat; Lenny Solomon; Efrayim Mendelson; Umka Deliba; Dor Acharon; and Mordechai and Etan Fisher


Performing on a professional stage, replete with sound and light show and two huge video monitors, the artists performed their own special songs written expressly for Jonathan Pollard, as well as their current popular hits. There were also news film clips of Esther and Jonathan Pollard set to music and their images constantly flashed across the video monitors in harmony with the music. Participants at the concert described the performances to J4JP as "breath-taking", "awesome" "dynamite!" as well as "impressive" and "highly professional". The crowd was very moved by the devotion of the musicians to Jonathan's cause.

More than 15,000 Pollard prayer cards were distributed at the start of the concert and there were not enough for all the participants. A brief prayer service was led by Rabbi Yosef Mendelovitch, former prisoner of Zion.

Many friends and supporters of the Pollards called them by cell phone in North Carolina just to let them hear the music and the sound of the crowd cheering and shouting Jonathan's name. The Pollards continued to receive live updates from participants as the rally was going on.

In between musical performances, there were moving speeches by activists, MKs and other notables which were met by rousing cheers and whistles from the crowd. The driving force and chief organizer of the Concert/Rally, Eli Joseph, spoke live with Esther Pollard from North Carolina and he relayed her words to the crowd real time.

Esther spoke through "tears of gratitude and hope." She said that she and Jonathan were heartbroken that they could not attend the rally themselves, but hope with all their hearts to make it home for Rosh HaShana. She said, "Our Government has failed miserably; but our People will not!" She cited Samuel I, Chapter 14:45 "And the People said to Saul: Shall Jonathan who has wrought this great salvation in Israel die?... And the People saved Jonathan and he did not die." Esther expressed the hope that in the merit of the participants at this rally, the same verse - "And the People saved Jonathan" - be fulfilled for Jonathan Pollard, and soon, so that they might yet celebrate Rosh HaShana at home with all our Brothers, the House of Israel! The crowd cheered and shouted its approval.

Jonathan was not able to address the crowd personally, but sent his deepest most heartfelt thanks via Esther and gave his blessing to all participants for great success and swift redemption for all.

Esther and Jonathan Pollard want to thank Eli Joseph and all of our activists, dear friends and beloved supporters for their constant, consistent support and for their participation in this monumentous event. They hope and pray to have the merit to thank everyone in person very, very soon! Amain!

Justice4JP would be happy to receive photos or personal accounts from participants at the rally with a view to posting them to the web. Please email to justice4jp@aol.com.