About Jonathan Pollard

Editorial Board - The Jewish Press [NY] - July 25, 2003

Having called for the dismantling of Hamas and the other terror groups, the seeming acquiescence of the Bush Administration in the Palestinian Arab push for the release of more than 7,000 of their members imprisoned for involvement in a range of terror activities is dismaying. It is especially so when compared with how the Jonathan Pollard issue has been handled.

Despite his commitment early in his presidency to take a "hard look" at the continued incarceration of Pollard, there has been silence on the matter. Yet Pollard spied for an ally, Israel, and the damage to American security he was reputed to have indirectly caused has now been authoritatively attributed to others. Palestinian Arab prisoners on the other hand were without question actually involved in an organized enterprise designed to kill as many Israelis as they could.

Where is the logic?

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