Why J4JP Does Not Support An International Solidarity Day

Justice4JP Release - July 17, 2003

In response to inquiries received, Justice4JP does not support the concept of an International Day of Solidarity for Jonathan Pollard as proposed for September 21, 2003 for the following reasons:

  1. The concept of an international day of solidarity, while a good one, does not jibe with the reality of the educational resources, funds and volunteer infrastructure that the Pollard case can afford to invest effectively in countries other than the US and Israel.

  2. Unfortunately, the research and preplanning which needed to be done prior to announcing this event was neglected. It was pre-empted instead by a premature announcement to the media.

  3. J4JP deplores the premature announcement (by individuals independent of J4JP) publicizing this event for September 21st, more than two months away!

    This premature publicity sets up negative expectations for any immediate progress on the Pollard case. It dampens the level of public commitment and enthusiasm by signaling to people not to expect much for Jonathan in the coming months. This is not only a lack of faith, but also untrue. Jonathan's release was promised to Israel by the U.S. as an integral part of the Wye Accords. The US promise has yet to be fulfilled. Given the complex relationship and constant contact between the US and Israel, EVERY SINGLE DAY opens a new window of opportunity to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard. Our goal is to make it TODAY!

  4. The key countries involved in the Pollard case are the US and Israel, and that is where our energy and effort must be focused in order to achieve our goal: the IMMEDIATE release of Jonathan Pollard.
While J4JP appreciates worldwide interest in the Pollard case, we also recognize the reality that Jonathan's unjust incarceration is not an international problem. It is very much a local one here in Israel, and in the US. This is where much work can and should be done. Education and solidarity, like charity, must begin at home.


This is a delicate time for Jonathan Pollard, full of potential and possibility. J4JP encourages the public to increase their prayers for Jonathan (Yehonatan Ben Malka). The Pollard/Nishmat Kol Chai prayer cards are available in Jerusalem at the Office of HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu (at his synagogue on Rhines Street, Kyriat Moshe) and at the Law Offices of Larry Dub (5 Narkiss Street, Jerusalem).

Prayer cards are also being distributed at various events and at holy sites in Israel. If you need a large number of cards for your group or chug please contact us by email: pollard@jonathanpollard.org. We will prepare the cards for you for pick up in Jerusalem. The

PDF file

of the prayer cards is available for those who are overseas. Thank you for your patience and your prayers! May the Almighty answer the prayers of all Israel speedily and for the good! Amain!