No Release for Pollard, No Peace for Jewish Leaders!

J4JP Release - July 8, 2003

Eli Joseph of Pollard Action Now and Esther Pollard of Justice4JP continue to be inundated with emails imploring them to please come to the U.S. to organize demonstrations for the release of Jonathan Pollard as they have been doing in Israel. Since the demand is so overwhelming, Pollard and Joseph would like to respond to those who have written as follows:

First of all we want thank all those who have written to urge us to bring the struggle for Jonathan's release to the U.S. We recommend that every Jewish community begin its own grassroots campaign under the banner:


This campaign is very simple and easy to organize. Its goal is to give Jewish leaders no peace until they end 18 years of shameful silence and abandonment, and Jonathan Pollard is released. All you need are a coordinator, a few friends and some signs. Position yourself with your signs outside of every single meeting of every single Jewish group or leader every time they have an important meeting, dinner, or event in your city or your neighborhood.

If, for example, protesters regularly show up to demonstrate outside of every single meeting, dinner and event of every single member organization of the Conference of Presidents, they will soon get the message that

No Release for Pollard, No Peace for Jewish Leaders!

Again, if for example, the OU, the Agudah, Bnai Brith, Hadassah, ARZA and the Women's League for Conservative Judaism (just to name a few) know that they will be greeted by protesters every single time they have a an important meeting, they will soon get the message:

No Release for Pollard, No Peace for Jewish Leaders!

We suggest that these protests be held in every city across the United States and in major cities in Canada as well. We recommend that every area have a coordinator to see to it that squads of protesters are designated to show up at every meeting. Squads need be no more than a half a dozen people at a time, but the squads have to be assigned to show up regularly, and at every meeting. Signs can be handmade on bristle board, or professionally printed. Photographs of Jonathan can be downloaded from the Photo Gallery on the J4JP web site at here. Again, you do not need a lot of people or a lot of coordination. What you do need is constancy and consistency, and the determination NOT to allow Jewish leaders to continue to turn their backs on Jonathan Pollard as they have shamefully done for the last 18 years.

People interested in being the coordinator for a particular city/ neighborhood/area are welcome to send their name and email contact information to J4JP will compile this information and release the information once the list is completed. If indicated, J4P will start a sub page on the website for this information. Please indicate in subject box of your email the city or area that you are offering to coordinate.

We regret that we cannot be all over the map to initiate and coordinate Pollard activities. But we have every confidence that those who genuinely care about justice for Jonathan Pollard and the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim are fully capable of organizing themselves into coordinated teams and squads throughout the United States and Canada that will give new meaning to the slogan:

No Release for Pollard, No Peace for Jewish Leaders!

The days of shameful silence are over! We shall not rest until Jonathan Pollard is home!

Eli Joseph, Pollard Action Now
Esther Pollard, Justice for Jonathan Pollard