Don't Let Jonathan's Issue Die! Massive Rally Wednesday July 2, 5:00 PM

J4JP Release - July 1, 2003

We've had three highly visible, very successful rallies in Israel recently. Tomorrow at 5:00 PM in Gan HaVradim (the Rose Garden) opposite the Knesset, we're aiming to have our 4th success. Help us to make it happen. Please be there! Every friend of Pollard, bring a friend. We must keep the issue alive!

After our 3 great successes, the establishment in Israel and the US would love to see the Pollard issue fizzle out and die. They would like nothing better than to bury Jonathan alive again. We must not let that happen! We must keep the momentum going!

Please come and participate in the making of a miracle! With your support and G-d's help Jonathan will be home; and that will be a miracle, in spite of all of the best efforts of the enemies of truth to prevent it from happening. But we've got to keep the pressure up! Got to keep the groundswell going until it turns into an irreversible tidalwave that cannot be reversed! Please do your part!

Here are the details again:

  • What:

    Massive Rally for Jonathan Pollard
  • Where:

    Gan HaVradim (in The Rose Garden) right opposite the Knesset. Rally will be held inside the garden, on the same side of the road as the massive Menorah . Look for the big blue tent.
  • Date:

    Wednesday, July 2, 2003
  • Time:

    5:00 PM
The police will not permit us to put signs up to direct participants, solook for the massive Menorah opposite the Knesset and you will find usjust a few steps away, in the garden. This is as close as we are permitted to the Knesset. Buses that stop near the Israel Museum are allwalking distance to the rally.

Please be there! Please recirculate this message!