Jonathan Pollard Responds to Friendly Fire

Justice4JP Release - June 25, 2003

Jonathan Pollard issued the following statement today:

I am very grateful for the ground swell of interest in my case in Israel. I am deeply touched and humbled to read of the massive numbers of people turning up at rallies and events calling for my release.

As the issue gathers momentum, it comes as no surprise that once again my wife, Esther, is under attack. Once again she is being subjected to a well-coordinated and unrelenting stream of abuse. It is critical for people to understand, though, she is not the intended target of these attacks. I am. Indeed, it has long been obvious that the whole point of the assault on Esther's credibility has been to deny me the independent voice which she represents.

That my avowed enemies participate in this renewed smear campaign comes as no surprise. However, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the fact that these attacks have largely been directed by those who pose as "friends" of my case.

The vilification of my wife has now escalated to the point that I can no longer remain silent. To remove any lingering doubt on this score, I wish to make it very clear that as far as I am concerned, Esther speaks for me on all matters pertaining to my case.

I remind those who attack us with friendly fire, that I have filed a criminal complaint for slander and libel, against journalist Ronen Bergman and Ha'aretz Newspaper in Jerusalem Magistrates Court, which is still in process. I fully intend to defend myself from any attacks directed at me through Esther, regardless as to their origins.