Historically Unprecedented Demonstration for Jonathan Pollard: June 23, 2003

Justice4JP Release - Wednesday June 18, 2003

Justice for Jonathan Pollard would like to call the public's attention to a historically unprecedented demonstration for Jonathan Pollard set for Monday, June 23, at 5:00 P.M. at the Citadel of David Hotel in Jerusalem (formerly the new Hilton), where the executive members of the World Zionist Congress and Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency will be holding their semi annual meeting.

The demonstration, organized by Eli Joseph and Pollard Action Now, marks the first time in 18 years that Pollard activists will protest the Jewish leadership's abandonment and outright betrayal of Jonathan Pollard. This is the first time in the history of the State of Israel that a demonstration against World Jewish leaders (a.k.a. American Jewish leaders) will occur on Israeli soil. The Jewish leadership's role in the prolonged and aggravated suffering of Jonathan Pollard goes beyond mere silence and indifference. Their tacit collusion with US officials has been instrumental in keeping Jonathan in prison.

Eli Joseph points out that more than a year ago in an empty gesture to appease public opinion, the World Jewish Congress passed a resolution on behalf of Jonathan Pollard and then quietly buried it, taking care never to allot resources or funds to implement it. J4JP adds that the leadership meeting in Jerusalem this week includes the same characters who, in regular meetings with US and Israeli officials, guarantee that Jonathan Pollard receives no relief from either Government. See essay: What No One Wants To Talk About for a better understanding of this phenomenon.

Justice4JP urges everyone in Israel to show up at the Citadel of David Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday June 23 to support Eli Joseph and Pollard Action Now in holding the Jewish leadership accountable for their betrayal of Jonathan Pollard.


Here are the details again:


: Monday, June 23, 2003


: 5 P.M. (17:00 Hours)


: Citadel of David Hotel - Metzudat David Hotel (formerly the Hilton Hotel)


: Corner of King David Street and HaEmek Street - Jerusalem

Please note

: Owing to the unprecedented nature of this event the police have refused to give a permit for the front of the hotel. The permit received allows participants to gather only on the west side of the building. Strong numbers of participants will make this irrelevant. Be there!

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