Knesset Faction Leaders Demand Sharon to Act Immediately for Pollard

June 15, 2003 - Jerusalem Post

Ten Israeli MKs who lead their respective Knesset factions have signed a joint letter urging Prime Minister Sharon to take immediate action to seek the release of Jonathan Pollard.

The letter was send to Sharon's office immediately after the Aqaba Summit and just days before the terrorist attack on the number 14 bus in Jerusalem which left 18 Israelis dead and at least 100 injured.

The MKs reminded the Prime Minister that as 'the American President continues to ask Israel to show mercy towards Palestinian murderers and terrorists, it is only fitting that he should respond positively to Israel's request to free Jonathan Pollard.'

The letter stated: "In so doing President Bush would not only be doing justice, he would also be belatedly fulfilling a commitment made to Israel by the previous American President."