Rabbis Appeal for Mass Participation at Pollard Rally - June 4 at Kotel

Justice4JP Release - June 2, 2003

[Translated from Hebrew]


For The Sake of Our Brother, Jonathan Pollard

To Our Dear Brothers All the Nation of Israel:

Jonathan Pollard, our brother, has been languishing in prison for 18 years now, in devastating solitude and in oppressive conditions. He sacrificed his life and his freedom for all of Israel who dwell in Zion, to save us from our enemies to who conspired to destroy us. And now, he continues to suffer for us.

Let us all assemble at the Kotel for Jonathan Pollard on Wednesday, 4 Sivan, [June 4, 2003] at 3:00 P.M. and stand as a nation and cry out to HaShem: Ahnah HaShem! Please, Dear G-d! Redeem our brother, Jonathan! And speedily fulfill the verse, as it is written in our holy Torah:

"And the People said to Saul: "Shall Jonathan who has wrought this great salvation in Israel die? Far be it! As the L-rd lives, not a hair on his head shall be touched, for he has worked with G-d this day." And the People redeemed Jonathan and he did not die." SAMUEL I:14:45

For his soul is joined with our soul.


HaRishon Lezion, HaRav HaGaon

Mordecai Eliyahu

, shlita

Shlomo Haim HaCohen Aviner

Rav of Bet-El
Rosh Yeshiva of Ateret Cohanim

HaRav Zalman Melamed

Rav of Bet-El
Rosh Yeshiva Bet-El

HaRav Yaacov Ariel

Rav of the City of Ramat Gan

HaRav Yigal Kaminsky

Area Rav for Hof Aza

N.B. This is a partial list. Names are still being compiled.