Classified Pollard File Supports 9/11 Coverup
of Saudi Ties to Usama bin Laden

Media Release - Moment Magazine - May 21, 2003

Noted terrorism expert John Loftus will publish an article in the forthcoming edition of Moment Magazine (June 2003) which reveals highly classified information about Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was a US Naval intelligence analyst who spied for Israel and is now serving a life sentence.

Loftus's article proves that Pollard was completely innocent of the major charges against him, namely that Pollard leaked the names of US spies behind the Iron Curtain. The second, and most controversial, part of the article explains why Pollard is still in prison if the Government knows he is innocent. Pollard gave Israel the 1984 "blue book" listing Arab intelligence agents, including Usama Bin Laden. Pollard's file shows that, contrary to what Congress was told, US intelligence knew perfectly well that they were laundering money through Saudi Arabia to fund known terrorists in their drive to oust the Russians from Afghanistan. To protect themselves from charges of negligence, senior members of US intelligence covered up the Saudi-Al Qaeda connection right up to 9/11.

These revelations will add fuel to Senator Graham's campaign to make public the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on 9/11. Loftus' article supplies many of the missing links that explain why we knew so much and did so little about Islamic terrorism.