Why Jonathan Pollard Deserves Our Unequivocal Support - J4JP Responds

J4JP Release - May 21, 2003

What Jonathan Pollard and Alfred Dreyfus have in common is that both were falsely accused of treason. Jonathan was never accused, indicted or convicted of treason, but that has not stopped the U.S. Government's deliberate mischaracterization of Jonathan and the offense he committed. Nor was he indicted for spying AGAINST the United States, only for spying ON BEHALF of Israel, though his sentence is far harsher than even those who have spied against the United States.

Thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel's civil defense plan was completely revamped to prepare for NBC weapons of mass destruction. Thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel was ready for the Gulf War in 1991 and for the recent Iraqi war. Thanks to Jonathan Pollard, both Israel and the U.S. were warned years ago about the danger of turning a blind eye to terrorism occurring on foreign soil. Thanks to Jonathan Pollard, it is now law that every new home built in Israel must include a sealed room, and that every Israeli citizen be provided with a gas mask and equipment and antidotes for chemical and biological weapons attacks. Thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel was able to quietly assist America during the recent war with Iraq.

In passing vital information to Israel about the threat to her existence by Saddam Hussein and other Arab neighbors which America had deliberately withheld from her, Jonathan broke the law. He deserved to be punished, but the punishment has to fit the crime. The median sentence for the one count of passing classified information to Israel with no intent to harm the U.S. that Jonathan was charged with is 2 to 4 years, with some receiving no jail time at all. Jonathan is in his 18th year of a life sentence with no end in sight. He received his sentence without benefit of trial, and in complete violation of a plea agreement which Jonathan honored and the government abrogated.

Instead of acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of lives that Jonathan has likely saved, uniformed people repeat the lies and slander that the U.S. has smeared Jonathan with in the media for 18 years. The US Govt. has always accused Jonathan brazenly in the court of public opinion, but never in a court of law where he might face his accusers and challenge their lies. Jonathan Pollard's continued incarceration is a dagger aimed at the heart of Israel and the Jewish community. In smearing Jonathan, Israel and the Jews get painted with the same brush.

As long as Jonathan continues to languish in prison, his case will continue to be exploited as a useful tool for certain elements in the U.S. administration to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally and the loyalty of the American Jewish Community.

Equal justice and equal treatment of Israel as an ally is at the heart of the Pollard Case. Jonathan Pollard deserves our unequivocal support.

For further information visit the Justice for Jonathan Pollard web site at jonathanpollard.org

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