Jonathan Pollard's Open Letter to An Israeli M.K.

Justice4JP Release - April 7, 2003

"For 2000 years our people prayed for a restoration of our sovereign right to The Land, and all we have to show for it is the political equivalent of a cheap whore house."

- Jonathan Pollard

J4JP Background Note

Jonathan Pollard has never met Member of Knesset Uri Ariel of the National Union party. The only time Ariel ever asked to visit Jonathan was as an afterthought, hours before leaving for a regularly scheduled trip to the U.S. Israeli officials who have visited Jonathan know that it takes weeks and sometimes months to obtain all the necessary clearances from Washington.

Recently Jonathan received a series of letters from Ariel. The letters offer Jonathan no substance; propose no initiatives; just express "best wishes"; inform Jonathan that Ariel is "continuing to fight for Jonathan's release;" and advise him to "stay strong". The letters also describe Ariel's activities as an MK - all of which are completely unrelated to Jonathan Pollard and his plight.

After months of receiving these letters, Jonathan finally felt he must respond. His response to Uri Ariel follows below. Its message is equally applicable to the entire political establishment.

J4JP would like to point out that ordinary Israeli citizens, feeling powerless to do much else to help Jonathan Pollard, often write him personal letters. Jonathan deeply appreciates receiving these letters and enjoys reading them

However, when Jonathan receives the same type of letter from Israeli politicians, whose responsibility it is to lobby for and to secure his release, the effect is paradoxical. Since Israeli politicians are doing nothing else to help Jonathan, after 18 years in prison such letters do not comfort, they infuriate.

Jonathan's mailing address appears below.

To: MK Uri Ariel, National Union Party

Date: April 7, 2003

From: Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
POB 1000
Butner NC
27509 - 1000

Via Regular Mail

Dear Uri,

Please stop sending letters to me. All they do is underscore the blatant cowardliness and treachery of our political establishment.

Despite your "best wishes," Uri, when it comes right down to it, both you and your party are no better than the bootlickers who abandoned me 19 years ago.

And just who are you, Uri, to "fight for my freedom"? What a sick, pathetic joke. Kever Yosaif lies in ruins and your so-called party joins a Government of liars and murderers! Ma'araht HaMachpela is besieged on all sides, and the National Union negotiates for a place at the trough! Our holy Temple Mount has been destroyed for a 3rd time, Uri, and you pathetic politicians run around the Knesset like a bunch of scared hens, afraid of Edom and Esau. What a disgrace to all of our martyrs who have fallen dreaming of a proud, independent Jewish national homeland!

For 2000 years Uri, our people prayed for a restoration of our sovereign right to The Land, and all we have to show for it is the political equivalent of a cheap whore house. G-d must look at you and weep.

So Uri, my friend, let me give you some very good advice: worry about yourself. The Lord G-d of Israel will save me.


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