Re: Film: "The Case of Jonathan Pollard"

J4JP Release - March 21, 2003

TO: Rabbi Pesach Lerner Exec. V. P. National Council of Young Israel, NY.

FROM: Mrs. Esther Pollard

Jerusalem, March 21, 2003

Dear Pesach,

When we spoke today, you asked about the film, THE CASE OF JONATHAN POLLARD which was recently screened at the Israel Film Festival in Philadelphia.

When this film was in its preliminary stages of development, we were approached by the filmmakers. This contact left us with serious questions about their approach, their understanding of the case, and their agenda.

On the advice of his attorneys, Jonathan rejected their invitation to take part in this film and distanced himself from this questionable project. No one associated with the production of this film has ever had direct contact with Jonathan or with his attorneys.

After the film was screened in Philadelphia, the producers and others claiming to be closely involved in Jonathan's case spoke to the audience. In fact, none of these people are in contact with Jonathan or his attorneys. They have no authorization to speak on the case and they lack the necessary legal background that only Jonathan's attorneys can provide. Therefore what these speakers say about Jonathan or about his case cannot be relied upon.

Moreover, any funds collected by these speakers at this screening (or at any other event past present or future), ostensibly for the Pollard case, are being fraudulently solicited. Neither Jonathan nor his legal team benefits in any manner from these funds. [SEE: Statement on Fraudulent Fundraising here.]

You also asked how we can combat the libelous statements being made by some of these speakers even as they profess to care about Jonathan and insist that they are working to help him. Pesach, the truth continues to be more powerful than any lie. Those, like yourself, who work closely on the Pollard case know from firsthand experience, that the Pollard case is not run by any individual, but rather by a team.

With G-d's help, Jonathan has assembled an effective and dedicated team which includes top notch attorneys, practical advisors, hands-on team members such as our web staff and our office staff, as well as a distinguished "Moreh Derech", HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu, the former chief rabbi of Israel. Jonathan heads the team and of course has the final say, but the team operates by consultation and consensus. Team members are very close, cooperate fully, and bring no ego to the task. No one is paid, and we do no fundraising. We are all volunteers because we believe so strongly in what we are doing. We have one goal and one goal only, and that is to secure Jonathan's immediate release.

With regard to ugly allegations about Jonathan and me reportedly made by the same speakers at the Philadelphia screening, it is puzzling that these people appear to believe that such lashon ha'ra could in any way promote justice for Jonathan.

Let me reassure you, Pesach, that there is no area of Jonathan's case or of our life that Jonathan does not share with His Eminence HaRav Eliyahu. As you are aware, Jonathan consults with the Rav on every important issue, ranging from our personal family life to legal initiatives planned by Jonathan's attorneys. All of our actions are in accord with the Rav's instructions and advice.

We are fortunate in that the Rav makes himself available to us any time we need him. The Rav's approval and blessing are essential before Jonathan proceeds with any initiative or action. No matter what the initiative is, all of our team members report a greater sense of confidence once HaRav Eliyahu gives his blessing.

As you well know, Pesach, this is the reality. All their allegations are self- serving falsehoods. Only those who want to believe the worst will do so. HaRav Eliyahu has instructed us to ignore the perpetrators of these false allegations and to get on with what we have to do. The best way to combat the lies is to redouble our efforts to get the truth out. And with your invaluable help, and the hard work of the entire team, that is what we are continuing to do. With G-d's help, may we see a successful end to all of our efforts and Jonathan home very soon! Amain Ken Yihi Rahtzon! sincerely, Esther

P.S. The Justice For Jonathan Pollard Web Site is the only source of information on the Pollard case that we endorse.

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