The People Want Pollard

Israel National News ( - February 16, 2003

As the 16th Knesset prepares to be sworn in on Monday, another government is being formed in Israel and we prepare for another Gulf War, making arrangements to update gas masks and purchasing supplies to make sealed rooms.

And Jonathan Pollard, who put his life on the line to warn the world about the chemical-biological threat from Iraq, is still in torment in an American jail in his 18th year of a life sentence, meted out and sustained with the cooperation of successive Israeli governments, with no end in sight.

Former Prisoner of Zion Yosef Mendelevich will be outside the Knesset tomorrow (Monday, 17 February) at 3:00pm to tell the new members of Knesset to act now to bring Jonathan home.

Organizers of the event explain that today, "when the US is preparing to force Iraq to disarm themselves of weapons of mass destruction, it is inconceivable that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains willing to let Jonathan die in prison rather than demand his release as part of the US-Israel strategic understanding.

"Be at the Knesset to let them know that The People Want Pollard Home Now."

"Come with your gas masks to symbolize our appreciation for the comprehensive home defense plan we have in place since the previous Gulf war, which would not have been instituted were it not for Jonathan Pollard, and to symbolize our protest against the ingratitude Israel continues to display in failing to Bring Jonathan Home."