No Room for the Pollards

Arutz7 News - June 18, 2002

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard organization says that, contrary to implications in a recent New York Post article, Prime Minister Sharon did not request freedom for Jonathan Pollard when he met with US President Bush in Washington last week. Pollard's attorney Larry Dub says that although the Post stated that Bush had rejected Sharon's request, "Washington sources confirm that no such request was ever made."

Jonathan's wife Esther said, "We are deeply disappointed that our Prime Minister has chosen not to ask the U.S. for any consideration for an Israeli agent in peril. Rather than acting with honor and integrity as behooves the leader of a sovereign state, Mr. Sharon's posturing and dissembling on the issue merely prolongs Jonathan's suffering and damages our national integrity."

In a related item, the organization reports that Pollard asked the Prime Minister's Office if his wife could be included in Sharon's entourage during the latter's trip to Washington. Atty. Dub said that he received a call from Sharon's office saying that the Prime Minister could not include Mrs. Pollard on the trip "because there is no room on his plane."