Former PM Netanyahu Visits Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - January 8, 2002

Sources: Yediot Achronot and Arutz7 News

Former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday (January 7) visited Jonathan Pollard in his US prison, becoming the highest-ranking official to visit Pollard since his arrest. Pollard is now in his 17th year of incarceration for his activities on behalf of Israel.

In an interview today with Arutz Sheva, Jonathan Pollard's wife,Esther, who also attended the prison meeting, said that Mr. Netanyahu was absolutely committed to Jonathan's release. She said, "This was a very personal meeting between him and Jonathan."

When asked about the details of what was discussed, Esther said, "All I can tell you is that it was an excellent meeting. It was intensely personal. It was a long meeting, and it was a very constructive, very appropriate, and a very good meeting. We were very honored that Mr. Netanyahu made the trip down to [the prison in] North Carolina for the visit."

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