An Open Letter by Professor Paul Eidelberg

December 20, 2001 - May be reprinted

If you want to know why PM Sharon did not quell Arab violence as he should have, read this December 17th letter to him from Jonathan Pollard:

Dear Prime Minister Sharon,

The transcript of a tape secretly recorded November 23, 2001 at a meeting of Likud Party activists in Kyriat Gat has been brought to my attention. I wish to take issue with your crude comments about me.

To poke fun at an Israeli agent who has spent 16 years in prison for service to the State of Israel reflects a shocking callousness, and is an insult to all who faithfully serve the State. Moreover, the fact that those Likud members present responded to your unstatesmanlike behavior with laughter, rather than reproach, shows how debased the Likud party has become.

Mr. Sharon, I have no illusions about your intentions for me. Our mutual friend, the late Rechavam Ze'evi z"l, never recovered from the shock after you made it clear to him last Passover, that rather than expend any effort to seek my release, you prefer that I die in prison.

Mr. Prime Minister, I have served the State of Israel faithfully and do not deserve to be so spurned - or ridiculed - by the head of the government. Whether or not you personally desire it, you are morally and legally bound to do everything in your power to secure my release. G-d Almighty - and history - will be the judge of your failure to fulfill your obligations as leader of the State of Israel.

In the meantime, I believe a public apology is in order from the leader of the Jewish State to one of its faithful and long-suffering agents. The honor of all those who serve the State is at stake. Yours truly, Jonathan Pollard

P.S. If your memory needs refreshing, your exact quotes were cited in an interview with Arutz-7 Radio. The transcript is available on the Justice for Jonathan Pollard web site at: here.

I urge all those who would vote for Likud to reconsider. This is the party that is responsible for Oslo, which began when Likud PM Menachem Begin went to Camp David and laid the foundation for an Arab-Islamic state on Jewish land. This is the party that produced Netanyahu who abandoned Hevron, whose foreign minister, Ariel Sharon signed the Wye Memorandum. This is the party that has repeatedly betrayed its principles and its voters. This is the party from which Benny Begin resigned because he couldn't stomach its treachery.

I have said it before and will say it again, General Sharon doesn't really care about the shedding of Jewish blood, and the best proof of this is his callous and contemptible attitude toward Jonathan Pollard.

One last word: we should all be ashamed to have Sharon as the Prime Minister of Israel, who, while he scorns Jonathan Pollard, embraces Shimon Peres. Let us not perpetuate this infamy!!!!

An outraged Jew, Paul Eidelberg

Biographical Note

: Paul Eidelberg is the co-founder and president of the Jerusalem-based Foundation for Constitutional Democracy and a member of the Advisory Council of the Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR). Professor Eidelberg has written a number of books on Israel and Jewish Philosophy and a trilogy on American statesmanship.