An Open Letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

By Eleonora Shifrin
Justice4JP Release - December 5, 2001

To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
December 4, 2001

By Fax and by Mail

Mr. Prime Minister,

During your visit to the US, two tragic events occurred: the carnage of the numerous youngsters in the Ben-Yehuda Mall in Jerusalem and the passing of Jonathan Pollard's mother.

In light of the two tragedies, sources close to President Bush have indicated that he would have agreed to release Pollard, had you only asked. But you didn't ask.

Even the tragedy of a son unable to attend his mother's funeral or unable to observe the "shiva" didn't move you. Do you have a heart of stone? Or is it only other people's tragedies that don't penetrate your heart? I wonder how you would have felt if your own sons had been prevented from attending their mother's funeral as a result of another Jew's callousness.

I was among those who initiated the boycott of Belgium for that country's decision to put you on trial as a war criminal - not in order to defend you personally, but because their decision is anti-Semitic and is directed against Israel.

Don't you realize that when enemies of the Jews pursue you for "war crimes", it is in accord with the Jewish principle "mida ki neged mida"? Don't you realize that the threat of being tried for crimes you did not commit is a wake-up call to remind you of the punishment you may receive for ignoring your Jewish brother's suffering in prison - when you clearly have the ability and the opportunity to save him?

It is not too late. Jonathan Pollard is your chance to save yourself. Only G-d knows why your fate has become linked to Jonathan's, but it is. By sealing his fate you will be sealing your own . Save him, and you may yet be spared.

I pray to the Almighty G-d to give you wisdom and courage.

Eleonora Shifrin

Biographical Note

Eleonora Shifrin, wife of the late great Soviet refusnik Avraham Shifrin z"l, is an aliyah activist whose efforts to promote freedom for Soviet Jews and their resettlement in Israel are well-known. She is currently fighting for electoral change in Israel, is a key member of the Yamin Yisrael Party, and an important member of the Pollard team. Eleonora translates articles on the Pollard Case to Russian and is the Pollard-appointed liaison with the Russian media.

Russian articles are available on the web at and can also be accessed by a link in the Assorted Items box at the bottom of the home page on either the J4JP main site or the backup site.