PM Sharon Offers Pollard $2 Million to Stay in Prison

No Plan to Seek Pollard's Release in Washington

Justice4JP Release - November 26, 2001

Prime Minister Sharon recently offered Jonathan Pollard close to $2 million dollars to relieve Israel of its responsibility to seek his release.

The offer was brought to Pollard by an Israeli envoy armed with official documents. Pollard's wife, Esther, and a US official were in attendance at the November 14 prison meeting where the offer was presented and immediately rejected by the Pollards.

The offer included the sum of $100,000 to pay a PR firm to publicize Pollard's new American legal case and to leave Israel alone: no involvement of Israel; no initiative from Israel; no political, legal or moral support from Israel. [Justice4JP notes that without the backing and involvement of the government of Israel, there is nothing for a PR firm to promote!]

Pollard rejected the money out of hand. Instead he sent a message back to the Prime Minister, repeating his longtime request that Sharon send a high level delegation to the US for the sole purpose of negotiating his release. While this is what Israel routinely does for all of its agents in captivity, in 17 years Israel has never done this for Pollard.

Some 20 Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers recently presented a petition to PM Sharon (which was initiated by Pollard's attorney Larry Dub and the late Minister Rechavaam Ze'evi) requesting that Sharon send just such a delegation to the US. Sharon ignored the petition and he continues to dismiss all efforts by Pollard's attorney to meet with him on the issue.

Dub again asked Sharon for a meeting this week and requested that the Prime Minister take Mrs. Pollard with him to see the President. To date, the Prime Minister had not bothered to respond.

Recent reports in the Israeli media that Sharon promised to seek Jonathan Pollard's release when he meets with President Bush next week are erroneous. They were based on a misread of a tape that was secretly recorded Nov. 23 at meeting of Likud activists which was closed to the media. A transcript of the tape has been obtained by Justice4JP and it is clear that absolutely no such promise was made.

High level sources in Washington confirm that contrary to his claims, Prime Minister Sharon has never raised the issue of Jonathan Pollard directly with the President and has never directly indicated to the President or to his Administration that Israel is serious about securing Pollard's release.

Jonathan Pollard stated today:

"The Prime Minster prides himself that he warned the Israeli Cabinet 17 years ago that returning the documents to the US would seal my fate. Yet in all the years I've been in prison, he has never once protested that the US broke its promise to Israel not to use these documents against me. Sharon's silence and inaction are in fact what is now truly sealing my fate."

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