Pollard Disgusted by Israel's Policy of Abandonment

Mody Kreitman - Yediot Achronot - November 22, 2001

"I am utterly disgusted with the Government of Israel and their on-going policy of abandonment." So said Jonathan Pollard, who yesterday completed his 16th year in an American prison for his activities on behalf of the State of Israel.

"The Israeli Government's policy of betrayal and abandonment that was first instituted when they threw me out of the Israeli Embassy 16 years ago remains in effect to this day."

Pollard stated that since Ariel Sharon took office as Prime Minister of Israel, he has never once raised the issue of his release with the Americans. "Sharon is not even attempting to secure my release; instead Israel is trying to buy my silence with money. But it won't work! " Pollard declared.

Pollard's wife Esther, who is visiting with him in prison in North Carolina added: " Jonathan's prison conditions have deteriorated more in the last year, than ever. He is living in a pressure cooker. His personal security is at risk. Every week there is some new hardship that he must endure. With the added stress, his health continues to deteriorate. Jonathan has no intention of remaining silent any longer about the government's mistreatment of him and mishandling of his case."

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