Israeli Grassroots Action for Pollard

Arutz7 News - October 4, 2001

Some 200 people showed up in Mevaseret Zion last night for a lecture by Rabbi Mordechai Noigershall in honor of Jonathan Pollard. This was the second consecutive monthly lecture on the issue - the first was delivered by Rabbi Moti Elon - in a series designed to raise public awareness about the 16 years of a life sentence that the ailing Pollard has so far served in a cell in North Carolina.

Yehoshua Steinberg, of Israel Action Alliance's Committee to Bring Jonathan Home, the sponsoring organization of the lectures, noted that just as the Patriarch Abraham put aside all other concerns in order to rescue his captive nephew Lot, so too we must set aside all other considerations in order to fulfill the all-important commandment of redeeming captives. He asked that calls be made to Prime Minister Sharon (972-2) 670-5555 to demand that he work for Pollard's immediate release.

Also appearing on Pollard's behalf last night were MK Michael Kleiner, Arutz-7's Adir Zyk, and Hassidic singer Dov Shurin.