Pollards React to Israel's Offer of $1 Million

Beni Toker - Arutz7 Radio News - September 2, 2001

(Translated from Hebrew)

In an interview today with Beni Toker of Arutz7 Radio, Esther Pollard made the following statement when asked for the couple's reaction to Israel's offer of $1 million dollars:

"To this day, neither Jonathan nor I have ever heard about this offer from any official source. All that we know about it, we have learned from what we have read in the media. As far we are concerned, this shows without a doubt that this whole scheme, the offer of $1 million dollars, was nothing more than a cheap stunt for publicity purposes to benefit the government.

"I am now holding in my hand, a copy of a page from the Knesset Record dated February 28, 2001. And on this page, Minister Dani Naveh is quoted as severely criticizing Ehud Barak who was Prime Minister at the time. He said, and I quote:

"Ehud Barak should have stood firm and insisted that Bill Clinton fulfill the explicit commitment (to release Jonathan Pollard) that he made to the Prime Minister of Israel (at Wye). This was not a commitment to a specific Prime Minister."

and I want to stress the next part as Minister Naveh states:

"It was a commitment to the State of Israel and to the people of Israel."

"That commitment is still valid and has yet to be fulfilled. Why aren't Minister Naveh and all of the other Ministers and the Government, demanding the same thing of their boss, Prime Minister Arik Sharon, that they demanded of Ehud Barak? Why don't they demand that the current Prime Minister stand firm and insist that the United States fulfill its commitment to free Jonathan Pollard as an integral part of the Wye accords? Instead of wasting time on cheap publicity stunts for money. We are not for sale!

'We don't need them dirtying us here in the United States by throwing money at us instead of freeing Jonathan. Jonathan is not for sale! We are not for sale! We want freedom! We want Jonathan out! We want to come home!"

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