Justice4JP Supports MK Elon Shiur to Bring Pollard Home

Source: IsraelNationalNews.com
Justice4JP Release - August 6, 2001

JERUSALEM - M.K.Rabbi Mordehai Elon will be giving a shiur (a Torah discourse) sponsored by The Committee to Bring Jonathan Home ("HaVaad LeHava'at Yehonatan HaBayta") and the Israel Action Alliance, grass roots organizations who aim to increase public awareness about Jonathan Pollard among Israelis and to lobby decision makers about him. Rabbi Elon will speak in Hebrew on "Yehonatan, Achinu Atah - Arvut Hadadit" ("Jonathan,our brother - A Shared Responsibility".)

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 15 August at 8:00pm in the Jerusalem Renaissance Hotel (near Kiryat Moshe) in Jerusalem. For additional information, one may call 055-665-036 or email Arvut@egroups.com.

Justice4JP encourages the public at large to attend and participate in this imprtant event.

All minyanim (men's prayer groups) in Israel and abroad are asked to daven (pray) regularly for a speedy redemption for Yehonatan Ben Malka. Women are asked to include a prayer for the speedy redemption of Yehonatan Ben Malka regularly at candlelighting. Justice4JP notes that a call for public prayer by the rabbis of Israel is long overdue.

The grassroots is encouraged to invite the rabbis to embrace their responsibility in this matter.